Congratulations to Dongyue Chemical on the successful one-time start-up of R142b and its supporting R143a cogeneration device!

Time:2022-12-13 15:50:48

Recently, Shandong Dongyue Chemical Co., Ltd., which was provided with a process package and designed by Huizhi Technology, successfully put into operation the 25000 ton/year R142b and supporting 5000 ton/year R143a cogeneration device at once.


The entire project process adopts the design concept of "mechanized personnel replacement, automated personnel reduction, and intelligent unmanned" to enhance intrinsic safety. Compared to traditional production models, it reduces personnel by 50%, saves energy by 20%, and increases product yield by 10%. Thank you to Dongyue Chemical for your trust in Huizhi Technology. Huizhi Technology will continue to make efforts and create more achievements!