Chemical process safety technical services

Huizhi Technology firmly establishes the concept of safe development, firmly adheres to the bottom line of safety production, accelerates the progress and innovation of hazardous chemical safety production technology, and utilizes mechanization, automation, and intelligence technology to eliminate safety risks caused by personnel exposure and human error operations in hazardous environments. The chief editor of the national and local regulatory group standards includes 13 series of national group standards, including the "Mechanized Personnel Replacement and Automated Personnel Reduction" Work Plan for the Safety Production of Hazardous Chemicals in Dongdong Province "Lu Emergency Zi [2021] No. 135, and the" Guidelines for Mechanized and Automated Design Schemes for Chemical Unit Operations "Zhong Hua An Fa [2023] No. 11. Promote the implementation of "mechanized personnel replacement and automated personnel reduction" safety technology transformation in hazardous chemical enterprises, implement automation control for production devices involving key regulatory hazardous chemical processes, implement automation control and mechanized operation for conventional chemical process operation units, basically achieve unmanned operation in high-risk workplaces, and improve the intrinsic safety level and safety production technology guarantee ability of enterprises, Fundamentally and effectively prevent and contain accidents.