New energy empowerment! Huizhi Technology and Huojia Industry have successfully signed a technology license for the PVDF industrial chain project!

Time:2022-12-13 15:56:55

On December 5th, Huizhi Technology and Huojia Industry held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony for the 10000 ton/year high-end PVDF resin industry chain project at their headquarters in Qingdao.

Huizhi Technology's "Calcium Carbide Acetylene R152a R142b VDF PVDF" series of products have mature, advanced, safe, and reliable technology, and have been put into production and verified in many leading fluorine chemical enterprises, including central enterprises and globally renowned ones. Huizhi Technology provides full process product technology and engineering design for this project.


Thank you to Huojia Industry for your trust in Huizhi Technology. Huizhi Technology will adhere to the principle of considering customers and satisfying property owners, providing high-quality engineering design and technical services to property owners; Huizhi Technology has mature technology and rich experience in engineering design, laying a solid foundation for project construction with high safety, excellent quality, fast construction, and low investment; I hope that through the cooperation of this project, both parties can closely cooperate, leverage their respective advantages, and work together to explore broader cooperation space.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer with high chemical resistivity and thermal stability, as well as unique mechanical properties, electronic activity, and excellent aging resistance. It is mainly used in the fields of new energy lithium battery materials, petrochemical, electronic and electrical, and fluorocarbon coatings.


In recent years, with the deepening implementation of the national "dual carbon" policy, industries such as new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, and energy storage have experienced rapid development. The demand for PVDF has entered a new stage of explosive growth, and the tense situation of supply exceeding demand continues to unfold. In the lithium battery industry, PVDF is mainly used as an adhesive, separator, and separator coating. With the rapid development of lithium-ion battery technology and market, this use has become one of the fastest growing markets for PVDF demand.