The "mechanization, automation, and intelligence" work of hazardous chemical enterprises in Shandong Province has achieved fruitful results!

Time:2023-04-06 16:59:54

The design guidance plan for "mechanized personnel replacement and automated personnel reduction" edited by Huizhi Technology has been fully implemented and achieved significant results in hazardous chemical enterprises in Shandong Province!

Recently, the on-site promotion conference on "mechanized personnel replacement, automated personnel reduction, and intelligent unmanned" for hazardous chemical safety production in Shandong Province (including intelligent robot inspection system, atmospheric liquid automatic loading system, coating industry, and bromine industry) was held in Zaozhuang, Jining, Yantai, and Weifang cities. The conference learned from the typical experience and practices of advanced enterprises in the "three modernizations" transformation of safety production, And re arrange and deploy the "three modernizations" transformation work of hazardous chemical enterprises in the province. Zhou Fengwen, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Provincial Emergency Management Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Huizhi Technology, as a technical support unit for mechanization and automation transformation work, participated throughout the meeting.




Practice has proven that the benefits brought by the "three modernizations" transformation to enterprises are comprehensive and significant. It is not only an effective way to promote the safe development of enterprises, but also a practical need to comprehensively improve the production management level and economic benefits of enterprises. Huizhi Technology will fully draw on and absorb typical experience and practices of transformation, and combine with Document 135 and the safety production characteristics of hazardous chemical enterprises to develop a series of segmented industry mechanization and automation plans, to help enterprises prevent and resolve major safety risks in the field of hazardous chemicals, and improve intrinsic safety.