The second China Great Health Industry Summit was successfully held in Beijing---- Huizhi Technology won the "2023 Excellent Achievements in Health Industry Technology Innovation" Award

Time:2023-04-06 09:55:21


On March 25, the second China Mass Health Industry Summit was held in Beijing with the theme of "practicing the Chinese path to modernization development road and building a solid foundation for the development of healthy national ingenuity brands". Nearly 500 entrepreneurs, investment institutions, and other representatives from across the country in the field of major health industries held dialogues and exchanges on hot topics such as high-quality development of healthy China strategic enterprises, changes in China's health industry, and opportunities and challenges faced by traditional Chinese medicine development and innovation


The summit was opened by Chen Zhili, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People's Congress, and the "Special Contribution Award of the 2nd China Great Health Industry Summit" trophy was awarded to entrepreneurs who made contributions to the summit. Prior to the meeting, Vice Chairman Chen Zhili warmly received the distinguished guests of the summit and took a group photo with all the guests.



Wu Yingping, President of the China National Health Association, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizers. Former Minister of Health Gao Qiang and Deputy Minister of Health Yin Dakui delivered keynote speeches for the summit. Multiple experts, academicians, Chinese medical masters, and representatives of health industry entrepreneurs gave keynote speeches and shared special topics for the summit.


At the meeting, Huizhi Technology's "Safety Chain System in Polyvinylidene Fluoride Production" won the "2023 Excellent Achievements in Health Industry Technology Innovation" award. The chairman was recommended as the "2023 Leading Person in Health Industry" and appointed as the vice chairman of the "Big Health Industry Branch of the China Pharmaceutical Culture Research Association".