Huizhi Signed Investment Contract for Leping Electrolyte Industry Base

Time:2023-09-22 08:25:46

On December 2, 2021, the investment contract for the battery grade lithium battery electrolyte industry base in Leping City, Jiangxi Province was signed in Qingdao. Liu Feng, Secretary of the Jingdezhen Municipal Party Committee in Jiangxi Province, Gao Xiaoyun, Vice Mayor, Huang Jianping, Director of Industry and Information Technology, Lin Weichun, Secretary of the Leping Municipal Party Committee in Jiangxi Province, Xu Tingjia, Vice Mayor, Peng Xinliang, Chairman of Jiangxi Jinfa Group, Wang Jianping, Executive Vice President, Zhang Bozun, General Manager of Zhejiang Hongruntai, Liu Qingde, Chairman of Huizhi Technology, and Zhang Jiwan, Chief Engineer, attended the signing ceremony.

The project is provided by Huizhi Technology with technology and design, with a total investment of 4.1 billion yuan. The Green Energy Fund is jointly established by the Leping Municipal Government, Jiangxi Financial Development Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hongruntai Energy Co., Ltd., and Qingdao Huizhihui High tech Co., Ltd., forming a project company to construct a series of new energy and new material products such as EC, CEC, VC, FEC, EMC/DEC, DMC, LIFSI, PVDF, HF.