The high-end PVDF series project of strategic cooperation between Huizhi Technology and Dofluoro has entered the construction fast lane!

Time:2022-07-28 15:42:34

On June 2nd, Huizhi Technology and Dofluoro signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the annual production of 10000 tons of high-end PVDF resin industry chain project at their headquarters in Qingdao. Huizhi Technology provides full industry chain technology, engineering design, and equity participation. Liu Qingde, Chairman of Huizhi Technology, and Li Lingyun, Vice Chairman of Duofuduo and Chairman of Shanxi Jiafu, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. Sui Wenchao, Deputy General Manager of Huizhi Technology, and Xue Xujin, Deputy General Manager of Dofluoro, respectively signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. On July 25th, Dofluoro signed a contract with the Management Committee of Yangquan High tech Zone in Shanxi, marking the official settlement of the project and entering the fast lane of construction and development


In the lithium battery industry, high-end PVDF resin is mainly used as an adhesive, separator, and separator coating due to its special properties such as piezoelectric, dielectric, and thermoelectric properties. Due to the rapid development of the global new energy industry, products have been in short supply for a long time. The construction site of this cooperation project is located in Yangquan City, Shanxi Province, and is a leading project in the digital transformation of the chemical industry in Yangquan City. In response to the call for national new energy research and development, relying on the major industrial innovation platform of Shanxi Province, multifluorocarbon promotes the rapid improvement of industrial level and high-quality construction of industrial system, and reconstructs new advantages of industrial economy.


Thank you for your trust in Huizhi Technology. Huizhi Technology will adhere to the principle of considering customers and satisfying property owners, providing high-quality engineering design and consulting services to property owners, and successfully completing all work in the design phase of this project. Both parties will take this signing as the basis and actively expand in the field of new materials and chemical engineering in the future, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.