Huizhi Delegation Invited to Visit Jinchang City, Gansu Province

Time:2023-01-28 16:21:02

On the eve of New Year's Day in 2023, at the invitation of Jinchuan Group, the company's Chairman Liu Qingde, Deputy General Manager Sui Wenchao, and Process Director Peng Weixing visited Jinchang City, Gansu Province for inspection and exchange. They received high-level reception from the Jinchang Municipal Government and leaders of Jinchuan Group. Accompanied by Chairman Gan Xianfu and General Manager Jia Xiaojun of Jinchuan Chemical, Vice General Manager Wang Yongsheng of Jinni Group, and Pan Jingjun, the inspection team went to more than 10 enterprises in Gansu, including Jinni Chemical, Jinni Acetylene Plant, Jinchuan Group Chemical Company, Jinchang Ammonia Alkali Source Chemical, Jinchang Shuangyi Chemical, Jintong Energy Storage New Materials, Jintuo Lithium Battery, Jinche Energy Storage Technology, Jinchuan Group Nickel Alloy, and Xinrisheng New Materials, for investigation and research.




Vice Mayor Tian Qing presided over a symposium attended by leaders from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Economic and Technological Development Zone, China Merchants Bureau, and Jinchuan Group. She warmly welcomed the visit of Chairman Liu Qingde and his delegation, introduced the characteristics and advantages of Jinchang City's support for the development of chemical enterprises, and thanked Huizhi Technology for its strong support for the development of Jinchang City. She stated that Jinchang City is a diversified industrial city that integrates ecological protection, resource recovery, metal processing, and new energy, and has been awarded honorary titles such as Ecological Garden City and National Civilized City. Located in the urban area is Jinchuan Group, a Fortune Global 500 and China's Top 100 enterprise. The company is a large-scale state-owned enterprise that integrates mining, selection, and smelting of rare and precious metals, with 60000 employees and an annual output value of over 300 billion yuan. It is the largest provincial state-owned enterprise and economic power in Gansu Province. Its nickel products rank third in the world, first in China, third in copper in China, and fourth in cobalt in the world. It is known as the nickel capital and gold doll of China, Received the care and guidance of previous national leaders. With the adjustment of the economic structure in Jinchuan District, Jinchang City is vigorously attracting investment, supplementing and extending the supply chain around materials such as nickel, copper, cobalt, and ternary positive electrode of Jinchuan Group, forming a complete new energy and photovoltaic industry cluster. We hope that Huizhi Technology can fully develop its technological advantages, management advantages, and talent advantages, relying on the future industrial layout direction to gather industries such as chemical and new materials, continue to expand its layout in Jinchuan, and further expand cooperation space Enhance the level of cooperation.



Chairman Liu Qingde pointed out that Huizhi Technology always adheres to technological innovation as the "core" and "core", focuses on advantageous industrial chains, strengthens independent innovation capabilities, and strengthens the integrated configuration of "industry, academia, research and design", especially in ① new energy, new materials (152a, 142b, VDF, PVDF), (CEC, VC, FEC), and lithium hexafluorophosphate; Chlor-alkali and chlorine consuming products (methane chloride, chloroacetic acid, glycerol based epichlorohydrin, sulfoxide chloride, etc.); Fluorochemical and fluorine fine (TFE, PTFE, fluorine rubber, fluorine resin); Mature and reliable proprietary technology in the fields of medicine and pharmaceutical preparations, fine chemicals, and other business areas; ② Having rich, mature, and reliable experience in the intrinsic safety operation of "two key and one major" devices; ③ In the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, we have achieved full process automation control in the central control room and intelligent unmanned operation of the entire process on site. He pointed out that the advantages of raw materials in the development of new energy in Jinchang City are very prominent, with efficient government support and a certain talent advantage and industrial foundation. He hopes to leverage the unique advantages of Huizhi Technology to further deepen cooperation with Jinchuan Group and Jinchang City, and to build, supplement, and strengthen chains in the new energy and new material sectors to jointly achieve high-quality development.



Chairman Gan Xianfu introduced the development history of Jinchuan Group. He stated that Jinchuan is currently focusing on the development of mineral resources and expanding upstream and downstream of the industrial chain through deepening reforms and technological innovation. The Jinchuan region has a wide range of basic chemical raw materials, large production capacity, rich industrial sectors, and clear chains between various industries. The upstream and downstream connections are close, and the foundation for cluster development is deep. The development of fluorine chemical raw materials in the Jinchuan region has obvious advantages, which is also in line with local planning and development. Huizhi Science and Technology is leading in many technologies in new energy and new materials domestically. We hope that both parties can leverage their respective advantages, deepen cooperation, and achieve a win-win situation.