Huizhi Technology was awarded the title of "Leading Enterprise in Qingdao's 2023 Productive Service Industry"

发布时间:2023-08-25 11:32:22

On August 22nd, the Qingdao Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced the "List of Leading Enterprises in Qingdao's 2023 Municipal Productive Service Industry". After being recommended by the district and city, and reviewed by experts, Huizhi Technology was successfully awarded the "Leading Enterprise in Productive Service Industry" due to its technological innovation and industry influence!


Leading enterprises in the productive service industry refer to service industry leading enterprises that provide guarantee services to maintain the continuity of production processes, promote industrial technological progress, industrial upgrading, and improve production efficiency. The selection activity aims to promote the implementation of the "Hundred Thousand Project" for the productive service industry, promote the improvement of independent innovation and large-scale development capabilities of productive service enterprises, and continuously enhance the empowerment and enhancement of advanced manufacturing industries.